A couple of weeks ago, I found a very funny video on Youtube of Celine Dion on Larry King Now. To Larry King´s surprise, Celine Dion states that she still has a vocal coach and needs to do a number of warm up singing exercises before going on stage. She shows him a couple of those exercises.. very funny! :-) I must admit, I was very curious to know, how the great Celine Dion warms up her voice before a concert, and was very happy and amazed to see that she is doing the same exercises I have been doing for years and teach to my students in my coachings!

The first exercise really is one of the most effective and popular among singers. This kind of vocal warm up forces you to „do everything right“, to support your voice appropriately, to leave your throat open and relaxed and also to relax your face muscles. That´s why this exercise is so effective and can make you reach very high notes, effortlessly.

Once the exercises is working easily for you (as a matter of fact, talking from my coaching experience, many studtents have a hard time with this one in the beginning, but sooner or later this works for everyone!), this really is a fantastic exercise to warm up your voice in a very gentle and fast way.

„It´s a stretch. If you go and see a dencer stretching on the floor, you might think, she´s really flexible.. but it´s not choreography, it´s not artistically beautiful. So us, we do „.....“ (she demonstrates the excercise, looking a bit bored) but then we go on stage, and we give it!“ - Celine Dion about her Vocal Warm-Up 

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