Silvia Coaching Stella on "RTL Explosiv" TV 

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Silvia coaching Stella in the studio while recording her songs. Stella is16-year-old and was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy (life expectancy: 20) She urgently needs your help to pay for an expensive Stem Cell Therapy abroad. Her story and account information for your                                                                                                          donation here: 

 Studio Coaching:
- Vocal Pre-Production: Preparing songs well in advance of going to the studio
- Recording Session Singer Preparation, with warm-up and muscle relaxation

   tecniques about 30 to 60 minutes before the recording session.
- Coaching during the Recording Session in order to achieve the best possible
  singing performance; staying fresh, avoiding wearing out your voice take after take.
- Microphone Techniques

The Studio Coaching can be done in external studios of your choice or of course in my own recording studio with high-end equipment (Microphone: Manley Reference Cardioid used a.o. by Britney Spears, Etta James, Backstreet Boys, Avril Lavigne and Janet Jackson).
In my studio you also have the possibility to record your own DEMO-CD/ALBUM at an absolutely high quality world standard as nowadays expected by the music industry. Producer, keyboarder and arranger Martin Morgenstern, who also recorded and produced my album „Sundressed“, will support us throughout the whole recording session.

Performance Coaching:

- Work on your performance and stage presence for live-performances, shows and

Role preparation for musical Theater Productions
Preparation for auditions and entrance examinations, including also work on
  aspects like: what does the jury want and what does it absolutely not

  want to see during my audition? How do I best present myself to improve my

  chances to win a job or audition?

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- 5 and 10 Lessons Packages

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