„MASTERY ist playing whatever you´re capable of playing.. every time.. WITHOUT THINKING“ - Kenny Werner 

Singing is passion!

The aim of voice training and vocal coaching is to help you find your natural singing voice, developing your full singing potential with the right vocal placement tecniques, learning how to support your voice appropriately, using the right singing and breathing technique so that you can perform your song more freely, effortlessly, with much greater confidence!
You will not only be able to improve your sound but you will also learn how to hit "those high notes", improving  and expanding your vocal range, dramatically!
This will also enable you to enlarge your repertoire, be more confident and focused not only on the technical aspect but also on style and song interpretation, making your vocal perforamance COMPLETE!

I offer voice lessons/vocal coaching from beginner to professional in my coaching studio in Cologne/Germany and also ONLINE all over the world (in English, German & Italian) in the genres:

 - Pop
- Rock
- Musical Theater
- Soul
- R ´n B


- Auditions, Castings, Entrance Examinations
- Live-Performances, Shows, Concerts
- The simple joy of singing!


With focus on:
- Vocal Formation, Breathing Technique
- Belt/Chest Voice
- Head & Mix-Voice
- Voice Transition from Chest to Head Voice /How to handle Vocal Breaks
- Vocal Range Expansion
- Work on Songs, Song Phrasing, Rhythm, Interpretation

My Voice Lessons mainly consist of:

- Vocal Warm-Up/ Technique Exercise
- Work on Songs - Song Interpretation. Covers are great. Of course your own songs are also very welcome, if you write yourself!


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Are you unsure about your vocal, stage or video perfomance and you are looking for professional feedback and precious tips to improve them? Now you can book your very personal performance evaluation/feedback session with me via Skype, Telephone or Email. For more infos and inquiries:


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Read what my students say

„We can never experience our deeper feelings in music if we still have to think about rhythm, phrasing, form or the chord changes...Seeking new levels of technical mastery should be a lifelong pursuit - not because we want to impress, but to facilitate any direction the great spirit inside you wants to go“. - Kenny Werner, world renowned Pianist and best selling author of "Effortless Mastery"

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- Monthly packages, 5 and 10 Lessons Packages

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